Monday, May 26, 2008

HE SAID - SHE SAID -- What a Ministry



One Scripture
Two Perspectives


A uniqe way to study the Word.

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Author, columnist and humorist, Eddie Jones along with
Author, columinst, Cindy Sproles

have come together forming a new
and unique ministry of study.

Devotionals that touch the heart, tickle the funny bone and
bring you to your knees.

takes the everyday events and applies them fully to your life.

Friends, fellow writers and award winning authors,
Jones and Sproles make an excellent
They'll make you laugh,
make you think,
make you realize the importance of
your daily walk with Christ.

Visit and glean through the
premier devotional site on the web.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sincerely, Mayla - Virginia Smith's Latest Book

I am so excited to share with you SINCERELY, MAYLA. My wonderful and dear friend, Virginia Smith has just had her newest book of many released.

Ginny is a wonderful writer. Check out her website at and see all she has to offer.
Friend, writer and buddy, Ginny'll love her work.
From the back cover:
Mayla Strong’s life is finally starting to seem normal. She has been working at the same job for four years, living with a good friend, and enjoying a deep relationship with God. But when Mayla is suddenly laid off, the placid surface of her life is shattered. In this touching sequel to Just As I Am, Mayla comes face-to-face with the responsibilities and joys of friends and family. As Mayla tries to help her friends, she realizes that God has all the answers—the trick is letting go long enough to let Him prove it.

Sincerely, Mayla is an honest book touching many issues young adults face today. Smith writes vibrant characters and tackles taboo subjects with grace and intelligence. She helps readers understand the beauty and complexity of every human being, pierced or not.

—Mary E. DeMuth

Christy Nominee, Watching the Tree Limbs

“If Mayla stole your heart in Just As I Am, she’ll own it in Sincerely, Mayla. Juggling unemployment, unrequited love, and shepherding a runaway teen takes hilarious and poignant turns in Mayla’s quirky hands. Throw in a visit to the grandmother she hasn’t seen in thirteen years, and readers will savor a rich dish of laughter, tears, and life-lessons sure to leave a permanent mark.

—Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Author of the To Catch a Thief series

"Virginia Smith has crafted another winning story with SINCERELY, MAYLA. Once again, Mayla Strong leads a cast of characters who will live in your heart long after the last page has been turned. Anyone who doubts that the Lord can use even the most unique among us will have a change of heart after reading this endearing novel."

—Kathleen Y’Barbo


“In Sincerely, Mayla, Virginia Smith gives a graphic depiction of hating the sin but loving the sinner, just the way Jesus would. In the process, Mayla develops a greater spiritual awareness of her own shortcomings. This is a book that all Christians should read.”

—Lena Nelson Dooley

award-winning, best-selling author of Minnesota Brothers,

Carolina Carpenter Brides, and Montana Mistletoe.

"Becoming part of Mayla's challenges, frustration, and resolutions totally grabbed my heart . . . Mayla's character is developed very realistically, as we experience her mind being transformed into a new creation."

—Jacqui Markowski

Client Services, Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake City