Thursday, May 18, 2006


AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Make it stop. I can't take any more. There are times when even the mild mannered go coo-coo! For me, today was that day. I, like the rest of the world, have been so tied up in "STUFF" that I didn't realize how pooped I really was.
About 3:00 I walked into the adjoining office, turned off the light and laid down on the couch rubbing my temples. MAN, my head hurts.
The longer I rested (which by the way, was only about 5 minutes) the worse the pressure behind my eyes pulsated. "Lord, I need ten minutes to just scream and release the tension." Well, what did my God ears hear? They heard the ever present still small voice echo, "There is always rest in me."
Well, of course there's rest in God. That's a given. I was just not taking advantage. I wasn't to the point that I offered the stress up to the one who was the true stress reliever. Only one more hour before I can go home. I took a deep breath and stood. Smile. I felt my lips stretch into a grin.
Walk. My feet begin to move. But if I was going to have to physically tell my body what to do, then I wasn't accomplishing "rest."
When the work day ended, I headed home. My eyes bulging with each pusle of my heart. My arms hurt, my neck was stiff. I was pretty much a helpless mess. I fell through the front door and landed on the couch. Still no rest...still no refuge from the headache. So, I climbed the stairs to the bedroom and stretched out on the bed. That's when my God ears started to burn. "There is always rest in me."
"Okay, I give. You win." The cat climbed up on my chest and began to purr. As I gently brushed the fur around his eyes, I found myself recounting the events of the day to God. I could have sworn I heard Him saying, "Huh huh, is that so?"
Suddenly, I heard the words again. "There is always rest in me. You simply have to come to me and seek refuge." Duhhh. Why do we insist on hanging onto the things that offer us pain and stress? Letting go is so much easier.
Rest...we all need rest. Rest for our bodies and rest for our souls, rest for our minds. All of that is found within the gentle listening Lord we call Abba God. don't have it anymore. MY HEADACHE IS GONE. And I had the power to end it at 3. Shesh! A little hard headed - don't you think?