Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is There Any Room?

“After Jesus had finished instructing his twelve disciples, he went on from there to teach and preach in the towns of Galilee.” –Matthew 11:1

How often do we think about who Jesus really was? When conversation turns His way we are primarily discussing His spiritual qualities – healing the sick, raising the dead, and teaching the people. Our thoughts brush gently across the fact that He was a simple man requiring little to make Him happy.

Our Father sent His only son into the world, not with great fanfare but with humility. He came at a time when every room was filled and there was no place for them to sleep but a stable. Jesus came then, and still comes, where there is room.

He was raised as a hard working man, appreciative of the simple life and sensitive to the needs of those who sought after a fuller life. He chose the company of men who understood the lives of the people He came to teach.

He did not live with the wealthy, or long for fine palaces instead, He walked as an equal with the common man. Though crowds flocked to see Him, He knew the very moment a woman in need touched his garments. Again, because even in a crowd, Jesus came where there was room.

Into the homes of those whom the world would not consider entering the door, Jesus sat and dined. Why? Because He came where there was room.

The Son was not always welcomed with open arms still He walked onward, teaching, healing and spending time where there was room. And though we are not fortunate enough today to have walked and talked with Christ, He still makes Himself readily available.

To this day, when man’s hearts are pressed for space, Jesus seeks the souls where there is room and it’s within these individuals He makes time to sit and eat – to talk and teach. Yes, the day Jesus stepped victoriously from the grave, and then returned to His Father in heaven, He has never stopped what He began. Jesus still comes where there is room.

Is there room in your heart? Do you long for the rest which only the Master can provide? Then make room in your heart, because Jesus comes where there is room.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we have made space. Come into our hearts.