Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Okay, so I get the hint. People are writing and asking WHY I'm not update the blog sooner. Well, there's a number of reasons. 1) Those who I list in the Heart of a Servant Series deserve an opportunity to be seen. Their hearts are the ones, we as Christians want to fashion and imitate. So, I love to show them off for a few weeks. How else can their ministries be seen?

Secondly, life is pushing itself upon my shoulders. I've gone back to college, (I know, I ask myself daily--what was I thinking?) So, I am half way through my program and looking at a business degree by May 2008.

Thirdly, I am following my own passion of being a writer. God has graciously offered to use me in the devotional capacity and that, my friends is where you see the daily updates. Also, I am co-writing a novel with a wonderful friend in California, and working on my own novel in betwix (as we say in East Tennessee). Therefore, Mountain Breeze Writer is not updated much more than once or twice a month. Go to Mountain Breeze Devotions for daily updates.

You have asked about Mountain Breeze and I feel compelled to share it's success with you. Three years ago, I met God on the mountain (Black Mountian, NC) at a writer's conference. Here He said, "Cindy, I have a mission for you" and I accepted. Hence, Mountain Breeze Ministries.

Mountain Breeze would be no where with out three things. God's idea, God's plan, and God's implication of the process is first and foremost. Also, those readers who have taken this ministry into the hands of individuals world wide. I am awed by your confidence and trust in my desire to serve the Lord. By reading the daily devotions, forwarding them to your friends and family, this ministry now serves hundreds of names, not to mention the ones who receive the forwards that I don't know about. And third and finally, it is successful because the many writer friends who promote it. Thank you to each one.

The Heart of a Servant Series came to pass because of these many wonderful friends who have such wonderful and giving spirits. This has been so successful that some of our interviews are being picked up by other blogs. Spread the word!

I have two or three authors who will be posted here soon, also a couple of just "plain folk" as well. So there will be updates, don't freak out on me! Please note that myself and Mountain Breeze Ministries are available for to speak for ladies conferences, retreats and such. Just email me and we'll see what can be arranged.

Thank you so much for three years of wonderful ministry. Thank you for being the awesome prayer warriors that you are. Many come to us simply because we go to our knees. Isn't that wonderful? Look for upcoming interviews to be posted.