Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference 2010

Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference 2010

I love the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. I walked into the Lobby of Ridgecrest in May, 2003 for the first time. Nervous, alone, but determined to learn the craft of writing, I checked into the hotel.

Funny enough, I made my way to a group of chairs and sat down to catch my breath. My arms covered in poison ivy, I looked like I should be in a leper colony rather than at a writers conference. A beautiful brunette sat in the chair next to me. I smiled. And as she eyed my arms, a giant grin crossed her lips.

"I'm just itching to know your name! Let me get out a pen and scratch your name in my notebook." She raised her brow and winked.

For a second, I hesitated, then burst into laughter. That was my first friend at a conference...Gina Holmes. I still love her to bits. Three years running we shared fond memories at Blue Ridge. Then God spoke to Gina and she started Novel Journey. Next month, she debuts her first novel, Crossing Oceans.

That's what happens when you go to writers conferences. God speaks to you and if you're open, He hands out assignments. He handed me a ministry partner, Eddie Jones, and ChristianDevotions.us. And every year we meet at Ridgecrest and walk the mountain because that's where God speaks to us.

I'm blessed this year. Early retirement, walking on faith, an awesome ministry, two radio shows, publication dangling in the future, and I still can't wait to get back to Blue Ridge...to see who of my friends have snatched a hold of the golden rope and swung into the realms of "published."

I've met some of Christian writing's most elite writers and I'm fortunate to call them my friends all because I launched out on faith and went to the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference.

Perhaps you can't make it to Ridgecrest in May...maybe you're afraid, worried about the money (it does cost a little to attend), or maybe you think it's too far to travel. Well, DON'T!

I've said before:
Little faith is hoping God will do what He says,
Big faith is believing God will do what He says,
But great faith....Great faith is knowing God has already done
what He said He'd do!

Have great faith. Look in your heart and search for your dream. If it's writing...believe it's NOT silly...but a gift from God, then step out. Go. Let God do what He promises.

Check out the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference at www.lifeway.com

Meet God on the mountain!