Monday, February 13, 2006


Yep, silly as this picture is -- there is method behind the maddness. When my son was in high school, he served as a marching band manager. His disablitiy refused to allow him to play an instrument so the band director was wonderful to allow him to be a part of the band as best he could.
One weekend the band attended a Marching festival in Virginia. Struggling to keep up with the band as they marched down the street, my son put his best foot forward. Another manager continued to scream at him to keep up. Before long we saw this big smile come across Chase's face as he did exactly what you see in this picture. We all laughed wondering what he could possibibly be doing. After the parade, a friend asked him, "Chase exactly what were you doing squishing your fingers together as you marched?" He grined and said, "I was pinching his head!" We just roared. In his mental retardation, he'd found the perfect way to "vent" his frustrations and remain as sweet and kind as ever.
We all become frustrated and tired at times. The world tends to overwhelm us when we least expect it. So finding a way to vent without hurting others verbally or physically is important. I have often found we've learned so much from our disabled son. His childlike wisdom amazes us, but he is right so much of the time.
When we find ourselves overcome with the daily rush of life we find ourselves leaning back in the recliner and pinching anything that fits between our fingers. It's not only good for a laugh (which by the way, is an amazing and restful thing), but it's a stress reliever as well.
Just another way to find rest when you're tired.
God blesses us -- even through our disablitiies. I hope I never grow to old to learn.