Monday, March 06, 2006


This Blogger has been temporarily out of commission for the past few weeks. Yes - It was the dreaded surgery. (sigh) Though it was totally unexpected
it did throw me for a loop. (or loopy - which
ever you deem the fittest.
Since this blogsite is meant to edify and help you find rest, I'd like to share the good and bad things about surgery. So kick back and relax. I think you may find this interesting.
First off, THIS IS NOT THE GORY DETAILS OF SURGERY (get real - even I don't want to know what REALLY was done.) However, I do want to show you the rest I found within the surgery suite.
I was a bit nervous until the anesthesiologist brought the wonder injection into the room. After thatI was history. So, the best part of surgery was waking up three days later feeling completely rested. Ahhhhh! Silly as it seems, I needed the rest. Between the worry of the surgery, the ever possibililty of surgical mishap (ie death), working my job up until the day of surgery, making sure all the "t's" were crossed and the i's dotted...I was tired.
Anesthesia knocks me for a loop anyway, so I suppose from the moment the medication hit my blood stream I went to la-la land, not to revisit the real world for a couple of days. Oh, I roused and got up, moved about some after surgery, HOWEVER, I really don't remember it. So, for three days, I rested completely.
It's amazing how stressed we get in the day to day activities of our lives. We forget what it's like to lean back and kick our feet up. You know, put your arms behind your head and take in a nice long deep breath -- exhale slowly...let your body fall limp. It's really sad that we don't take the time we used to take. Time enough to take in the laughter of our children, a good cup of chocolate ice cream, or to smell the freshness of a misty spring morning. We miss so much these days.
Surgery, I suppose, was a breeze. The healing is never as quick as we'd like but again, it's the rest our body requires to speed things along. That ought to tell us something...don't you think?
Yeah for the antheshia!! I got three good days of rest. BOOO for the post op pain. (there always has to be a price to pay....shucks)
One way or the other the real meaning of this entry is to encourage you TOOOOO rest before you have to resort to surgery and the wonders of modern chemical aids. Rest my friends. It's good for you.