Wednesday, March 29, 2006

God Couldn't Have Painted It Prettier

Within the realms of what we call earth lies some of the most breathtaking sights known to man.
A friend emailed this picture and I couldn't help but share it. Just look at the awesome watercolor God has painted.
Stare at the picture and let your imagination start to fly. Imagine walking through the pass at the foot of the mountains, lifting your eyes and following the emmense slant of the hills. The colors pop out, filling your senses with more than your mind can absorb.
You take in a deep breath, filling your lungs with a freshness found only in the hands of the creator. The scents from the flowers surround you with such an aroma that your mouth waters. And the sky -- the blue is crystal clear. Not a cloud in the sky. You drop to your knees then fall backwards into multicolored quilt which has been spread before you. Now, breathe out. The tension of the day fades into the clearness of the sky you are staring into. This is what it's all about.
You can loose yourself in this picture. It's truly a blessing to observe. (To whom ever shot this photo - congratulations and thank you for sharing it with everyone else.)
It's easy to loose ourselves in the creations God has whipped up. I am always amazed at His vastness, His continual abilties to re-create spring after spring, after spring. What a joyful renewal. It's wonderful to see the examples He sets in front us - simple to Him, complex to us. Still the meaning is the same. Within the arms of such a God, there must be peace and restfulness. Climb in!