Friday, June 23, 2006


We've all done it. Yep..every single one of us. We've all, at some point in our lives, opened our mouth and inserted our foot up to the kneecap.
It's a horrible feeling. The stomach retches, a wave of blood rushes to your face illuminating the cheeks to a bright red (which by the way, SCREAMS idiot lives inside this body!). Regardless, we've all done it.
One would think at my age, I'd be better versed. Not today. Today, I pulled the unthinkable. I told an author, whom I've read their works and loved, that I'd read their newest UNreleased book. (Just ask me how totally embarrassed I was..)As wonderful as email is...once you hit send, it's too late to correct the error of your ways. I was so embarrassed. I've read her work and I was reading about the newest book ready to hit the shelves, and that's the na
me of the book I wrote I'd read. about looking gooby! (See the picture above....that would be me!)
I immediately sent a second email and tried to explain I had my mind one direction and my typing fingers in another. But do you think that really mattered? I'D ALREADY HIT SEND.
Therefore, being the writer and believer I am, I thought there has to be good somewhere in this situation. So, I rolled my eyes and looked to the ceiling. "Father, I've completely emabarrassed myself -- tell me what good there is in that?"
I feel sure God must have rolled His own eyes and shook His head from side to side. But through all that, I know a grin parted his lips. That's when He said, "Uhh huh. You certainly did goof. And yes, the
re is good. It's called humility. 'Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.'" He said as he gently stroked away the reddness in my cheeks. "Slow down, pay attention, and humble yourself before others. Place the heart of the servant in the forefront and others will see."
Oh, all right. So He was right. I
t was a sensless blunder, one caused by my own excitement and lack of paying attention. I've had so many irons in the fire lately that I've become a jack of all trades and truly a master of none. I suppose God thought it was time to hook and anchor to the seat of by pants.
Often times we become so engrossed in the sheer number of activities the world throws at us, we lose ourselves and our direction -- our focus. We become somewhat blinded. God loves for us to have abundance, but He also loves for us to use our abundance of gifts and talents properly; not overdone or outdone.
I suppose I can count myself, disciplined in one swift press of the send button. It's time to slow down, come down, and maybe even lie down and rest. God needs workers for the fields, but He needs us on top of our games - sharpened and ready for what tasks lay ahead.
I did apologize. For what it's worth, the author probably thinks, "What a goof-ball." But hopefully they'll take the error as a compliment. When you're thrilled by someone special, it's easy to become tongue-tied. To that author -- and I'm sure they know who they are -- My apologies for not paying attention to my email. And to my Father in heaven, "Alright! You made your point. I get it."
Anyone for some crow???