Sunday, August 13, 2006


For lack of better words, I can only say I'm so FAR....very far...behind on updating my blog. I, like everyone else, get stuck in the rungs of work and daily chaos. Suddenly I look at the calendar and a month has passed.
Today, author Trisha Goyer, sent me an blog comment with BIG LETTERS that said, "YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED"
Okay, it's been quite a number of years since I played tag so my curosity rose to the surface. Tricia left instructions to go to her blogsite and read the instructions. Sooo, I did.
The instructions were to answer the following question: "If you could write a novel about subject - what would it be? Don't give away your plot idea."
Well, that certainly woke my sleeping brain up. Jolted me back into the world of writing in a REALLY BIG HURRY. I found myself a bit ashamed in the fact that I've allowed so much to draw me away from my writing this past month. They were all good reasons why I haved stretched the ole imagination -- work, illness, church...did I mention work. Oh and work. With the boss being out of town and some and one of my strongest co-workers on vacation -- the slack had to be filled. ANYWAY. It seems it took being tagged to shake me out of my work world and put me back into my fiction place.
Having said that, I can't go further without saying how easy it is for us as Christians to put our church life on the backback burner. Life just happens and when the priorities list comes up for re-evaluation, we tend to draw an arrow toward the bottom of the list for Sunday night or mid-week services. The fact is, we only give of ourselves an average of 6 hours a week for active church time. (That is if we go Sunday a.m. & p.m. and a mid-week service) Shish...God sure allots more time than that for us. Shame on us.
Though I haven't let my church attendance slip, my writing is truly one of the times I give of myself to Him. Everytime I sit down to put pen to paper (or keystrokes to screen - depending on how politically correct you insist on being), I offer myself into His guidance -- into His service -- to be used as a vessel. Therefore, when I allow my writing to slip to the side, even a tiny bit, I falter in the time I'd normally offer to God.
Hence, IT'S BACK TO THE WRITING. Okay, so I've been tagged. What would I write? Humm, two things.
(Works in progress would probably be the best thing to call them -- or for the non-writer...WIP's)
1) I'm a mountain girl. Born and raised in the Smokey Mts. I love my Appalachian heritage. So, my subject is based on mountain magic. I'm writing in true Appalachian voice about a man, who in his personal desire to provide for his family, looses sight of what's right. He sells his soul blindly to the devil and really doesn't realize what he's done. This is a battle between God and Satan over one mountain man's soul. What can a man do to make God want to reclaim his soul?

2) From a non-fiction standpoint, my WIP is "New Sheets - How Women Deal with Life's Frustrations" When I face great hardships and I crawl into bed at night -- there's nothing like BRAND NEW SHEETS. It sorta symbolizes that I've come to grips with whatever has caused the problem in my life. I buy new sheets. Crawling into a bed with nifty new sheets is like a clean slate. No wrinkles, they're not soft and squishy yet, broken in....instead they're a crisp new beginning. I want to write about how women deal with frustrating issues, like death, divorce - not once but twice or more, children, work, anger, bitterness, finances, ect.

There you have it. I've been tagged. Thanks woke me up! By the Tricia's books -- check out the side bar on my blog and go see her books. NOW, I'm tagging author-friend
Virginia Smith
Blog Goddess and top notch Christian writer and author support queen - Gina Holmes
Review Wonder woman, Ane Mulligan

Now go girls. You're tagged.
Rules: Answer the question - what would you write about. Link back to the blogsite you learned about this and add a couple of friends. If you find something that might help your buddies develop their ideas...pass it along. See Tricia Goyer's blogsite in the side bar.