Friday, September 08, 2006

Time is Ticking Away

Alas, I've experienced YET another birthday. Not that I want the birthday accolades -! But, it's that I've woken up and realized I'm only a few short years away from a senior citizen discount at McDonalds.
My life has ultimately been blessed and overall, I truly can't complain. God is good even in the tough times. You know we all hate to be pruned, however occassionally God has seen fit to cut my limbs back a smidgen. Did it hurt? Ooohhhwweee, you bet ya. Still for the sudden and instant ouchie that occurred. I've been made better as a result.
Time does tick by unmercifully and unfortunately, it harbors no simply remains focused and in a dead heat for who knows where. Which by the way, happens to be an excellent and thought provoking question. Where exactly DOES time go when it passes? And why it is in such a hurry? Ponder those issues -- would you?
All in all, through thick and thin, things have been wonderful. I pray daily that God will continue to see me through another day. I'm not so sure a perfect life would be all that great. I suppose it might appear somewhat boring at times. There's never a dull moment in my life. Sometimes I WISH THERE WERE, but no such luck. It all winds back up at the "time" issue. When there is quiet time, I feel like I ought to be doing something. HENCE, I'm taking TIME to learn to better use the TIME which flashes past.
You know...walk a little slower (intentionally - not because I'm getting older - don't assume anything!), breath a little deeper, exhale a tad slower, enjoy a bit more. These things are important. I think there's one other thing.
Rather than staring at the clock and watching time zip past, I think I'll wait awhile -- only check the clock when I think it's time to snack. (grin)
In all seriousness. It's amazing how we fill our days with STUFF. Overall unimportant stuff seems to overtake us in a rush. God has given us such a wonderful world to live in and enjoy. It's really a shame we let it pass us by without a second glance. When was the last time you sat down and really watched the sun set and then wait long enough to see the first stars peek out from behind their curtains of darkness? When, pray tell, was the last time you walked through a tree covered path and enjoyed the sun streaking through the branches just enough to cause you to raise your hand over your brow? Or when have you sat by the water and stretched out your legs, leaned your face toward the sun and took in its warmth? YOU SEE!
You're missing what time drags past as well.
Let's make a deal...Let's agree to stop at least once a day and enjoy something unique God has given us. It was a gift and it was meant to be used. Rest, relax -- just a teeny bit. Smile, laugh, hug someone. Just enjoy the life that God has given us.
I almost bet ya....time will slow just a bit.