Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Spirit of God

The Spirit of God

Heaven parted the clouds one day, and an ever so tiny separation appeared. Yet through that small opening God sat on His throne and peered down. His eyes scanned the vastness of the universe taking in every star. His thoughts rearranged the heavens from night into day and the vision of His world came into view.

The Father gently sighed and His breath moved the leaves on the trees. A smile crossed His face as He glanced over the vast mountain ranges He'd created. Some filled and formed of rocks, while others were covered with the lush green from grass and trees. it was good.

As He moved across the earth, He spied a doe that had just given birth to a fawn. From His heavenly seat He extended His hand and with one finger gently lifted the fawn to its feet, supporting it momentarily until its balance was established. Again He smiled as the mother began to tenderly nuzzle her young.

His eyes soared across the oceans occasionally blinking to make the waves dance over the surface. The Father continued to expand His vision until the snow of the north fell into sight. He brushed across the white powder stirring up a gentle snow fall.

As the world he'd created spun softly in the universe, the Father checked every detail of His creation, when suddenly His attention was drawn to a small voice. Turning His view toward the voice, God focused on a child who was knelt by her bed.

"...and God bless mommy, and daddy, grandma and grandpa. And Spike, too. Even when he chews up my dolls, I can forgive him. God, please bless the world." she said as she climbed into bed.

The Father was touched by the child and His heart opened sending blessing after blessing across the earth in compliance with her request. As the girl closed her eyes to sleep, God leaned down from that tiny opening in the heavens and gingerly kissed her fofrehead. He watched as she snuggled beneath the covers, then He turned to the Son and said.
"She can forgive."

The Son returned His Father's smile and replied, "But with You there is forgiveness." (Psalm 130:4).

God stretched his arms toward the heavens as His angels sang praises. "All this I have given freely. By My hand the universe was created and by My love it was saved."

It only took the innocence of one child -- Christ, to form that tiny opening into heaven that allowed an abundance of fforgiveness to sprinkle upon us. And with the hand of God, it was distributed to all those who fall before the foot of the cross. To take on the innocence of a child and make the effort to forgive when we've been wronged demonstrates His ultimate love.

Zechariah 4:6 tells us, "...Not by might nor power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty." it is with His Spirit that forgiveness began, and it is with His Spirit it will conquer all.