Thursday, December 14, 2006

"To Infinity and Beyond...."

Some of us never grow up. Unfortunately, I believe I'm one of those who remains a child at heart. Our family made a trip to Disney World, Orlando last fall and we had a blast. It was great because the kids are adults now and there were no restrictions as to where and when we went. The frightening thing was, we found ourselves numerous times riding the Buzz Lightyear ride. Don't ask me the offical name because I don't know. I can only tell you when all four of us saw the flashing lights and space ships with laser guns we were suckered through the door more than once. We even purchased the pictures that Disney takes as you pass through the most intense part of the ride. Yes, we actually bought the pictures because we wanted people to see how intent we were on lasering those little green creatures.

My favorite saying from Buzz Lightyear is "From infinity and beyond..." It says so much about how we move forward -- grow in new and different directions. With each passing year I'm finding that my awareness of Christ in my life is becoming more and more evident. I seem to wear my "God ears" with a hearing aid, listening intently to see what the Father might whisper to me.

Having said that, I feel God is leading Mountain Breeze Ministries into new and uncharted waters. The devotional ministry is a personal ministry for me. Born from the desire to know the Father on a deeper level, I began to share them with the members of the my home church. From there, God launched the devotionals into a daily email ministry so that others could study along side me. This past May, God truly shook the rafters when He touched the heart of a community newspaper to print the devotions on a weekly basis, sending their distribution from a couple of hundred into the thousands. Now, as the year nears an end and I strengthen my prayers in asking God what is next for Mountain Breeze, I am finding He's leading me to seek out the hearts of His servants.

Exactly what does that mean for this blog? Well, that's still up in the air but I can say this, Mountain Breeze Writer will become the home for regular people who have the heart of a servant. I will begin to regularly post interviews with average people -- some professional and others not -- who find great joy in their personal and private ministries. They find peace in opening their hearts to do for others before they do for themselves.

There are so many who shine with the love of Christ, who find peace and rest within the moments they share His love. Those are the people from whom we can learn. They incorporate their Christ-like lives into everything they do and raise the bar for us who falter.

We'll see where God takes us. Every post will not be an interview but they'll be sprinkled along the way. I hope you'll check into the blog from time to to time and read through the "Crusaders for Christ" series. Perhaps you know someone who shares the love of Christ in a unique way or business. Let me know by responding to the posts. we go. Stepping into yet another page of the book that God is writing through Mountain Breeze. Won't you step into our world and feel the mountain breeze?

Coming soon: Crusader for Christ - Gina Holmes and her blog Novel Journey. Are you ready? FROM INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!