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I love it when Ginny turns out a new book. And her latest and greatest is out in stores now. I'm not only honored to call Ginny one of my dearest friends, but I am excited to share her wonderful books with you.

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to see all that Ginny has going on. She's one busy woman.

Now, let me introduce you to Bluegrass Peril.

Bluegrass Peril received a 4-Star review from Romantic Times!

From the back cover:


Local police had tagged single mom Becky Dennison as their prime suspect. But she'd only been in the wrong place at the wrong time...admittedly, with her boss's lifeless body. Sure, it looked bad, but Becky had no motive for killing the man--even if she had opportunity.

Then Scott Lewis, handsome assistant manager of a nearby horse farm, entered Becky's life. Soon the amateur detectives were ont on the trail of the murderer...even as their feelings for each other deepened. And for Becky and Scott, this race on the Kentucky tracks had the greatest stakes of all: life or death.

Bluegrass Peril

by Virginia Smith

Steeple Hill, December 2007

ISBN 978-0-373-44272-0

Cover Price: $5.50

Read an excerpt from chapter one here .

What people are saying about Bluegrass Peril

"Virginia has the cozy mystery down cold! In fact, I'm labeling her the "Christian Cozy Mystery Maven"! I give Bluegrass Peril four out of five bookmarks, with a hoofpick charm...and you'll just have to read it to find out why." Deena from California

Bluegrass Peril isn’t as perilous as the title might imply. However, if you love a good “cozy” mystery told from a warm, Christian perspective then this is the book for you! Virginia Smith writes with a very personal voice in her novel, and she uses some universal human relationships (divorced, single mom, new romantic relationships vs. old flame) to move her plot along. This is the type of book that goes perfectly with a warm cup of cocoa on a cold afternoon, so it will be perfect for its December debut! I encourage everyone to enjoy Bluegrass Peril and share a copy with a friend!” Kim at

I found this book a super read and found it hard to find a convenient place to stop reading. That's a mark of a good book--to me.

Peg Phifer at

This is a keeper. Loads of fun, and it's a quick read for the bus commuter or the busy mom or the day-worker wanting to unwind. Ginny did a lot of research for this novel, which shows in the details of the horse racing world she puts into the story. After she wrote the manuscript, news reports came out that established one of her key scenarios as more fact than fiction!

Jill Elizabeth Nelson at

Virginia Smith writes a nice little mystery in Bluegrass Peril. I didn't pick up on the killer until near the end and her red herrings were iffy in a good way. I'm amazed at the amount of story she managed to pull off in the limitations of the word count. Not only is there an intruiging mystery, Smith weaves in information regarding a worthy charity/cause, the drama of single motherhood with a financial pinch tossed in for good measure, a new love interest and a past that reaches out and muddies everything. All ended neatly organized.
Though romance isn't a favorite genre, I'll keep my eye on Virginia Smith.

Kelly from Iowa

I loved this book. It has a great combination of suspense with romance. The characters felt real to me and the plot kept me interested the whole way through. I found myself towards the end yelling at Becky not to do something. I do not want to give away the story so go find the book and read it! (and figure out what had me yelling at her for. :) )

Brittanie at

Horses, bluegrass, beautiful woman, hunky boss ... all ingredients for romance. But Bluegrass Peril is more than just fluff! The characters are real, the action is tight and, of course, the setting is magical. I love Virginia Smith's books!

Angie from South Carolina

I had the privilege of reading and reviewing Ms Virginia Smith's novel, Bluegrass Peril. I love "who done it" novels, and this is one of the best. Don't miss it.

Sherry at

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