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It's the privledge of Mountain Breeze Ministries to introduce friend and author Alton Gansky's newest release.

Having just finished the book -- I can's out of this world!
Cindy Sproles
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Alton Gansky's


Alton Gansky-
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It’s the first commercial space flight.
Just as competitive as the old space race…
and even more deadly.

From Library Journal
A year ago, NASA astronaut Tuck Tucker's crew succumbed to a fatal illness in space, a disaster that devastated Tuck, the only survivor, and took a heavy toll on his faith and trust in a benevolent God. When Tuck is offered another chance to lead a commercial space crew catering to tourists, he can't resist the chance to go into outer space one more time despite the risks involved. Gansky handles the suspenseful plot well, keeping the reader engrossed as a dangerous conspiracy unfolds. This title will appeal especially to male readers who like action-packed suspense and strong male heroes. Highly recommended for men's fiction collections and public libraries.

From Publishers Weekly
Gansky's suspenseful novel grabs hold of the reader on the first page and doesn't let go. The hero—and he is very much a courageous, old-style hero—is Tuck Tucker, a NASA astronaut who is devastated when, on his third mission in outer space, every member of his crew gets violently sick and he is the only one to survive. Was the inexplicable illness that claimed Tuck's crew a freak accident, or did someone try to destroy the mission? Tuck blames God for failing to save the crew, and it takes a year of anger, plus a gentle talking-to from his spiritually insightful and disarming father, before he can make peace with his maker. Indeed, many people are deeply affected by the tragedy: Vincent Pistacchia, whose son died on Tuck's watch, plots revenge; Tuck's family members admit that they've always found his space travel terrifying; and Tuck, plagued by survivor's guilt and nightmares, is deemed unfit to return to space and given a NASA desk job. Tuck gets one last chance to command a space trip thanks to a startup company that makes space travel available to well-heeled tourists, But someone's out to get Tuck, and things go dreadfully wrong. Fast-paced plotting and strong character development make this one of Gansky's best.

Veteran astronaut Benjamin “Tuck” Tucker is slated to pilot the first commercial space flight. But ruthless enemies are about to jeopardize the enterprise. With a recent tragedy still haunting his memory, Tuck must turn to a God he no longer trusts as he fights for his life and the lives of all aboard.

Poised to make history, SpaceVentures, Inc., hovers on the brink of launching the first commercial space flight. And Benjamin “Tuck” Tucker’s skill and reputation have thrust the new company into the forefront in this powerful new space race.

A veteran astronaut and national hero, Tuck accepts the coveted honor—and the risk—of piloting the Legacy on her maiden space voyage.

The danger is far greater than just the perceived risks.

The real threat, a plot far deadlier than anyone could have imagined, is exposed as Legacy reaches the suborbital regions of space. Suspended seventy miles above Earth, Tuck must use his skill and his faith—faith in a God he has found it hard to trust since a deadly tragedy in space over a year before—as he fights an unknown enemy who will not hesitate to kill again.
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