Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Prayer A Day

I had an idea to create a second blogspot -- one that would link with this one and use it as a place for prayer requests and praises. WOW. I never dreamed so many would be interested. With the devotionals, people are always sending little notes asking for prayer and it's my pleasure to place them in my heart and pray. So, my hope is that God will lead me in the direction of the development of this additional site. We want everyone's hearts to be lifted to heaven. God sees and knows all.

I spent the past weekend with a BUNCH of my Mary Kay friends at a retreat. It's always wonderful to spend quality time with these women. There are two reasons I enjoy it. The first is a renewal of desire to continue my little side business. The second, is to be filled. And there is such inspiration among these women. 99% are God-fearing, God-inspired, God-loving, God-filled women. It's wonderful to hear them speak about their successes and their failures and have them give complete glory to God.

For me, this is especially restful. At times I feel so weighted by my own worries that to have an opportunity to hear how God blesses others FILLS MY CUP. I can lay down at night and close my eyes, knowing that God is awesome and amazing. It's restful and peaceful, it's pleasant and exciting.

The importance of spending time with others who believe in the same creator you do, to hear them sing His praises and be joyful in the growth He has given them...helps me to grow. It inspires me, it touches me and well, it just makes me happy.

I find a prayer a day helps us all. SO DO IT! You'll find great solitude and quiet in the arms of prayer. I hope you find people you can be lifted up with. I hope you have friends who offer you edification and teaching in the word. I hope....your cup is filled.