Saturday, January 28, 2006

"What if I don't believe in gods?"

Since this is a fairly new blog sight, news hasn't gotten out about the interactive portion. Until yesterday that is. I've had a few friends touch base with me and as the sight receives more attention, I'm sure God will use it.
However, yesterday, I received a comment from someone I've never met. I've tossed the idea back and forth as to whether to respond to him or let it slide. After all, this is the internet -- the place where people can pretend to be anyone they want to be and get away with. Still, the remark made by this blogger perplexed me.
He replied to the devotion "When I Feel Like A Failure." His remark was simple, yet very to the point.
He'd read the devotion and saw I'd guaranteed God would not forsake us, when he clicked on the comment button and asked...."What if I don't believe in gods?"
Well that took me back a few paces. Niave as I am at times, I still love my Christian bubble where everyone loves the Lord and serves Him. Suddenly, reality pokes a hole in my bubble and and it goes "bbbbbbbblllliiiiiiiiiiissssssssppppppppppphhhhhhhhhhfffffffffft ttttttt and hits the floor. I guess there are unbelievers out there aren't there?
So, I 's prefer not to directly respond to this blogger in order to not seem like a freak or a Christian fanatic. But, I do want to respond. Geepers, "What if I don't believe in gods?" Well, I suppose the first and most obvious response you'd expect is one of hell, fire and damnation. (Smile) though the obvious punishment is not open for debate, I will approach this question from a different stand point. A positive one.
We all understand there are consequences to decisions we may have made which were less than appropriate. I mean, if you steal...the consequence is being caught and punished. If you lie, likewise, the lie catches us and we pay the price for lie. The wonderful thing about believing in God is learning to trust. Scripture tells us, faith is believing in something we cannot see. We don't see God walking next to us dressed in cut-offs and a tee shirt, rather we see Him in His creation. We step out on faith and CHOOSE to believe in something we cannot phyically see. There is hope overflowing in that faith. Believing in something is so important. Believing in God is MEGA important.
Thank goodness this responder doesn't believe in gods. I'd hate to image what types of gods there would be for him to believe in. But, for me...there is only one God (capital G, little o, little d)
He has shown me miracles, provided for me and my family when we had nothing and no one standing in front of us to hand us a morsel. He has eased my pain, rested my mind, calmed my spirit and given me peace when I have needed it most. Would He have given this to me if I didn't believe? I'm sure He probably would but who would ever know if you chose not to believe?
I guess the next most obvious remark would be something snide, such as, "A garbage dump stands ready to accept anything thown into it" or "Even dead fish float down stream", but let it be known that's not how I feel.
For those who read the devotions, my hope is you'll find some peace there. You aren't forced to believe anything you don't want to believe. That's the next most wonderful thing about God. He stands ready to enter your heart as soon as you invite Him in. He doesn't force Himself on you, rather He patiently waits for us to recognize Him.
For me there is no hope without Christ. No desire without Him. No peace, no freedom, no encumberment, no nothing. The writer of Ecclesiates tells us, "It meaningless! Meaningless!" Unless we have God to offer us purpose.
I hope you will find peace and rest within the devotions, and I pray for a tiny hole in your heart....So that even one thought of the goodness of Christ can crawl in and nest -- slowly growing opening your soul up for the ride of a life time.....acceptance, obedience, forgiveness and eternity in heaven -- not hell.