Sunday, October 19, 2008

Waiting for the Lord -- Cindy Sproles

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"Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.”- Psalm 27:14

The blow dryer hummed as the warm air whipped my hair into my eyes. I brushed the strands to one side stopping long enough to glance in the mirror. My fingers pushed their way through my hair and I noticed the layer of gray beneath the red. A smile. I realized red-heads don’t gray very well. This was not something I’d waited for.

Through the years I’ve done a lot of waiting. You’d think with all the practice, I’d have gotten better at it, but I’ve not. After all, I waited nine months for both my sons and I waited 30 years to graduate college. Just when, I was sure I’d become a pro, He makes me wait again.

I’ve never quite figured out waiting on the Lord. How do you wait on someone whose minute is like a thousand years? What does He expect from us? We need some sort of viable time frame—one we can wrap our heads around
In recent months I’ve done a lot of praying….praying for a friend. I’ve waited for an answer and waited, and waited. Even changed up the prayer thinking if I prayed differently God’s time would change . But He’s been pretty quiet.

So, oddly enough, I find myself waiting yet again, my sons saying, “Mom, wait for it. Just wait for it.” I just never anticipated fine lines and gray hair would be part of the process. But God is teaching me. We never grow too old to learn. God grooms us through the indifference of waiting. And through the waiting He teaches us discernment. Who’d have thought it would be so hard?
When I’m patient He provides for me in amazing ways. I have to leave things alone completely, not jump the gun, and God always provides—but in His time.

Do you feel like you spend your time waiting? Asking but never getting?

Then take time to pray that God will bless the waiting. Let Him take your fears, requests and joys. Let him teach you to wait and then provide you with amazing rewards.

“I’m still waiting Lord –just like you asked. Waiting.”

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