Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Learning new technology

It's been a real experience...becoming a writer, that is. I was thrilled with a computer. Beats the dickens out of a typewriter. I learned a while back, that in order to succeed in today's technology, you have to first be 3 years old just to beat the learning curve. At nearly 50, I've missed that boat.
I began learning to build a web page and just as I'm figuring that out -- it's time to learn to Blog! (sigh) At any rate, one has to learn and change with the times in order to get and keep the printed word available at all times. So, I'm learning.
My dream, since I was a child, was to be a writer. When everyone else in school was running in clicks, I was filling books of thoughts, and poetry about the things that dwelled deep inside me. I've always wanted to have a book in the library -- but then, I guess lots of people want that as well.
My writing has always been my hideaway; the place I could go to say what I want to say, to whom ever I need to, without fear or conflict. That's where I've always felt the safest.
Then I attended the Blue Ridge Writer's Conference, in Black Mountain, NC. That was pretty eye-opening. That's where I heard Alton Gansky remark, "Sometimes being a writer doesn't mean you have a book in the store. It sometimes means writing something, that only a friend reads and knowing it has helped them. When you come to grips with that -- then you're a true writer."
I went home, hopped on the lawn mower (because you can really think on a riding lawn mower) and I opened my heart to God. I told God he knew my wants and my dreams bu that it might be best if I just write what He needs me to write. So, the devotions began -- first for our church members and then before I knew it, people all over the country were receiving the devotionals on a daily basis.
And what a blessing it's been. What a pleasure, what a fulfillment it's been. Just to flip on the computer and open the email, only to see a respsonse to the devotional God blessed me with the day before. Now, a book on the shelf would be great but for some reason, it's not the higher priority. That would be to allow God to use me through the devotionals. I finally learned, when I read a response to one of the devotionals the other day, "It's not about me. It's about God!" To read where someone was touched, or helped or even saved by one of my piddly devotions simply sealed the fact I wanted to be in print, but most importantly is that I might offer some soliace with those in need through these devotions.
So, I guess I'll learn the new technology. "It ain't easy." as we say in the south, but I guess it's time I move forward. To be a better writer, a successful writer, I need to write something that may never be in print, but will touch the heart of someone directly. Therefore, it's onward and upward. I shall learn to blog -- afterall, even a three year old can do it.