Saturday, December 31, 2005

What's up coming for the new year?

After a four hour struggle with this blog yesterday I nearly threw up my hands and gave it up. Thank goodness I have a son who is in computer animation. SOOO, he helped me out. I wish the technical end of this thing were something I was better versed in -- It looks like this old dog will have to learn a new trick or two.

It's hard to believe it's New Year's Eve. Shesh. The year has flown by. It seems as a child it takes FOREVER to get from January to December and once you're over only takes thirty days to pass through 365 days. Life becomes a blurr.

I suppose the best place to start is to let you know what I plan to do with Mountain Breeze. 2006 will bring the Blue Ridge Writer's Conference and I plan to have a manuscript of devotions ready to pitch to editors at the conference. God has blessed me this year. He has taught me that I can start something and actually finish it. The first thirty days worth of devotions were all I was looking for, however, I am ready to choose 90 days from the 270+ devotions that I have logged. If I am fortunate and God sees fit, perhaps this 90 devotions will be published under the name "Baking the Bread of Life -- 90 Days of Recipes". This book can be marketed to women and then under the same idea "Serving the Bread of Life - 90 days of Devotions for Men" -- so we'll what God has in store.

I will attempt to move the ministry into a direction where readers can post favorite scriptures, happenings and prayer requests/praises. But that will take your help. So, I hope you'll participate. And for my writer friends -- this is a place of rest and recovery. I hope you will come here and share your thoughts on rest.

I wish for you all is that the New Year will bring you joy, peace, and a Christ-like attitude. May you have all you dream of. Happy New Year.