Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sweating another day for ideas

So many people told me I couldn't keep up daily devotions. "You'll run out of ideas after awhile." Yeah, well so far, that hasn't happened. Scripture is pretty populated with BIZILLONS of verses and I'm certainly not so smart that I can go without study. So, the point of the devotions originally was to teach myself self-discipline and study. I needed to allow myself to know God better. Hence, the devotions. God has blessed me as a vessel.
Anyway, in my own desire to become a writer, I found I tired easily. The devotions have brought me a certain amount of restfulness. I suppose you could say, "rest in God's arms."
I hope others will add their insights and share where they find their rest. I'd like to make this a blog that will offer "REST" to the writer. Share your ideas and thoughts. How does God show you rest?
I love to enjoy the world around me. For instance, look at this snow. Talk about peaceful. Sure it's cold out but look at this beauty. Snow offers a certain type of warmth as well. It blankets the ground, the seeds, the bulbs and allows them to snuggle deep into the earth and sleep. It can look so untouched, soft and peaceful. The earth works hard in the spring and summer growing things. Winter is it's time of quiet rest.