Sunday, December 18, 2005

Peace in our children

Today was choir Canata day at church and this evening was the children. The choir always does a great job (for a bunch of people who virtually sing to make a joyful noise - We're greatful God has intercessors :) ) I'm not slamming our choir....I'm part of it. But we're far from professional. Instead we do just what God asks of us -- our best. (He filters the rest!)
But the children. What a joy. Our church went so many years without babies. I was beginning to wonder what would happen to us without little ones to follow in our footsteps. As Sunday school superintendent, I took the growth of our children's church very seriously. I began to pray daily that God would lead us to new children to minister to...Honestly, I when I prayed for new children I wasn't thinking in terms of procreation. However, God was. So, within one year we had five new babies born into our church. It was wonderful, too. Our congregation fell in love. Now our babies are 1 1/2 -2 yrs old and they performed their first Christmas play tonight.
I love to write children's stories and as I watched them on the stage, twisting and squirming, grinning and whinning, I found my heart at rest and my mind's wheels screeking. There was such pleasure and peace in seeing their tiny faces and knowing they are taking their first steps into knowing Christ.
Their little hands bent from side to side as they waved at momma. Actually, a few fingers found their way into little noses, too. But isn't that what makes them all so sweet? My husband and I sat back and laughed hysterically as their leader tried to shepherd them all into a huddle. I turned around at one point and looked back through our aging congregation and saw the faces of elder members - smiles beaming...and I knew right that moment. This a was moment provided to me for rest and contentment..
My own children are grown (all in their mid-20's), and for a few minutes memories rushed through my mind. We've certainly experienced our times of difficulites -- but what family is perfect? Right? Still, the majority of our times are joyful. Three of our four boys are excellent and our prodigal son -- well, he's finally making steps to find his way home. Life is good. Even at it's worst -- it's good.
I never want to find my joy in dwelling in the harsh things that have happened to us. Though my own self-confidence sags at times, I am forever a cheerleader to my family and friends. It's just my job.
I could lean back in the pew during the children's play and laugh at their antics. Suddenly, the laughter turned to tears. I felt so proud of my adult children -- nieces and nephews whose own babies stood on that stage. My heart was overwhelmed with emotion. Those precious babies are the babies of our babies - for our personal family.... 4 generations.
Tonight, I found a great peace and rest in the presence of God through His children.
So, I watched the kids, grined, giggled and laughed out loud...then promptly began to look for a kleenex...not to wipe my tears but to wipe the little fingers that found their way into tiny noses.